Steel in Pittsburgh

The US Steel Edgar Thomson works in Braddock, PA. ET is the last remaining integrated steel-production facility in the Pittsburgh area. This picture is from across the Mon from the plant, but it's worth taking a visit to the front of the plant as well; they have bits of the last slab rolled by the old slab-rolling system and the first slab cast in their continuous caster.
US Steel coke works at Clairton, PA. I've taken roll after roll of pictures of this plant without successfully conveying its scale in one single frame. According to my 1993 Directory of Iron and Steel Plants, the facility has 816 coke batteries with a capacity of over 15000 tons per day.
Steam over the US Steel Clairton works at sunset.
The former LTV coke works at Hazelwood. This plant was visible from Greenfield and from the Boulevard of the Allies. It was also sometimes smellable as far away as Squirrel Hill. After a few rounds of political brinksmanship, LTV closed the plant in early 1998, and now (early 1999) the plant's auxillary facilities and much of the plant itself have been demolished. As far as I can tell, the LTV works were in turn the last surviving parts of J&L's enormous Eliza furnaces.

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